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Hi, we are Erika Murchek and Brittany Cherkis, just two individuals with a passion for sonography. Happy, excited and enthusiastic parents-to-be make us, well, happy! We truly believe in the powerful bond a simple glimpse of your baby helps create. Creating images that will last a lifetime, is simply what we do. We are both ARDMS registered sonographers, each with 14+  years of experience. Our experience as sonographers has led us up to this very moment when we share happiness and the unknown with every single parent we have! 


We strive to make your 1st glimpse as memorable and magical as possible to help promote the bonding experience with the newest addition to your family. Our non-diagnostic imaging quality will provide you with the greatest 2d, 3d, 4d and HD live views! You will be able to identify many of your babies features during your scan.

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